Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't Things Cost Less at Midnight?

Last night I bought this crib for Sugarbaby's new room. It converts to a toddler bed and then later a full size bed. For the price I paid, it better change diapers, dust shelves, and make me a latte'. But oh it was so worth it. I heart this bed so much.

Nevermind the happy baby in the picture. That's not my Sugarbaby. If it was her photoshoot, she would be halfway up the side of that crib right now.

I'm still debating on wall colors, but I kind of have a thing for simple chic designs. I found this gorgeous bird mobile on Spool. It looks like a pretty simple project. They have a pattern to download, now all I have to do is find the perfect pieces of fabric and Sugarbaby will have a sweet little view from her brand new bed.


  1. Look at you! I almost bought that bird mobile wednesday at a baby boutique here in town for $80!!

    I love the crib.

  2. I love the bed! It is so worth it! and the mobile is awesome...your so crafty!

  3. I LOVE THE CRIB. the mobile screams you. good stuff love it all cant wait to see the finished product YAY

  4. Beautiful! We're looking at toddler/fs beds now and I just might lose it: so many choices, and the irresistible ones are so expensive. But oh, little girls...who can help it???


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