Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just Another Day

Just returned from a long trip. Seven and one half hours, one way. I am tired. Immeasurably tired, but much less than Supergrandma. I hope she sleeps tonight. We need her awake and alert for the fabulous oyster stuffing that is my Thanksgiving. Who needs turkey when you have buttery oyster stuffing to founder on?


Today is my birthday. I feel old. Doesn't it seem like the more birthdays you have the less they matter? Today was just another day. Just a day spent driving a long ribbon of highway, weaving in and out of traffic, praying a cop didn't spot me. A day spent pacifying the children, tending their needs, trying to keep Cashman under control and Sugarbaby from going crazy. Just another day, just a number larger than the one before. One more year closer to thirty.


For now I am exhausted, my brain too drained to think of anything entertaining or magnificent to share with you. Maybe the holiday will bring some appropriate blog fodder what with the mingling of relatives and the inevitable chaos that brings. To you and yours, have a good one.



    Just another day my butt. The secret to staying young is acting young: that's why, when I didn't get a present for my 42nd birthday, I threw a tantrum my two-year-old would be proud of. Voila, presents.

    I hope everyone treats you like a princess and you have a glorious Thanksgiving!

  2. Well happy birthday!

  3. happy birthday, and happy thanksgiving!!!!


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