Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Physics of a Toddler on a Tricycle

This is one cool ass kid on a tricycle.

Trying to ride at a breakneck speed

down his parents extremely

steep driveway is his favorite pastime.

It's even better if he

can manage to do it when no adults are positioned halfway

down to catch him. Luckily, his parents are super

over protective and he hasn't

been able to get his thrill fix as of yet. But surely he will get past

those over protective parents at some

point and here is what he's in for.

Solutions? Either we put him on a leash or move to a lower elevation.


  1. I've seen these driveway mesh gaurds They won't stop him from hurting himself but at least he might not get hit by a car!

  2. Yikes, that is one steep driveway. That would be cool for sledding!

    BTW, tagging you for a meme at my blog.

  3. Awesome. My first tag. Need link to blog though. Profile is set to private. :)


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