Friday, January 2, 2015

Winter Burnout

I had a mini panic attack over vacation. I was convinced we should send the kids back to public school as soon as the break was over. Certainly it was best for them. They need interaction. They need regular art and music and p.e. They need to stand in line. They need a teacher who doesn't wear pajama pants and look up the answer all their questions on google. They need to get out of bed at a reasonable hour!

Then I chilled out.

I remembered our reasons for homeschooling. I spoke with a friend who is a teacher. She reminded me about all the things that drove me away from public schooling. I spoke with her lovely daughter who gave me little bits of information like, the girls have to be escorted to the bathroom by a teacher and the bathroom has to be checked before they go in and after they come out. Ugh. If my kids get one thing out of their time at home I guess it will be the freedom to go the bathroom by oneself.

I know its just burnout. Our homeschool co-op takes a break for a few months in the winter and my kids are understandably wound up tight. The weather is dreary. I wanted to go on a family first day hike yesterday but it rained the entire day. I really feel the need to travel but I'm also too burned out to plan an actual trip. I've been waiting on the Arkansas Virtual Academy to accept Cash so some of the teaching can be taken off of me, but its taking forever. The closest science museum to us closed last year for major renovation and won't be open until March. We love Mid-America and can't wait to see its facelift and new exhibits but damn it, we need something to do!

I've put myself on a spending diet along with doing a Whole30 so I can't turn to shopping or eating to cure whatever it is that is wrong with me. And I can't help but think that if someone would just come in and clean my house, like really clean it, I would magically be all better. I'm pretty sure that someone should be me but y'all the motivation just isn't there.

I'm going to have another cup of coffee, maybe that will do the trick.

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  1. Sounds like winter/cabin fever. I wouldn't send my kids to public school if I had any now! You're doing the right thing. Just hang in there woman!


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