Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blog It!

 My blog it posts always include a throwback photo just for fun. This had to be nearly 3 years ago? Rare capture of the husband and I taken at our best friend's cabin.

Ron Swanson is the smartest character ever.
Watch Irish people be totally baffled over what we pass off as food in our country.
Snow days might become a thing of the past.
For those of us in homeschool burnout...
Another reason I'm a big fan of LEGO.

and if you have joined in the 8 Weeks To Fit Challenge here are some links especially for you! (and if you haven't...why not????)

Gift List for Fitness Fans
Printable Meal Planner.....I love all things list like so I printed a bunch of these!
Should you quit caffeine?
And more about coffee!!!! from my favorite Aussie, Sara Wilson.
Learning self-control. You want to be happy and healthy? Get a hold on this first.

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