Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fitbit and First Run

I finally broke down and joined the masses of Fitbit users. I've had my band on for four days and so far I am really happy with the ease of use, the comfort of the band itself, and the motivation it has provided. I'm a numbers girl. As in my weight, how many miles I ran and what my pace was, calorie intake vs. calories burned. This little gadget is enabling my obsession.

And in big news!!!!  I went on my first run post surgery. We had gone on a couple of hikes and a few days ago I took the took the kiddos out to do three laps around the pond (which is a mile). I was hoping to run a bit then but I took about twenty paces and said no way. The kids ran the straight stretches and walked the ends. I just walked the whole thing. But on Friday I was determined. I'm six weeks post op and I should be able to run damn it! We did three laps again and I ran the straights and walked the ends and we walked one more lap to cool down. I realize that is only running about 3/4 of a mile but its a start. After the first twenty steps the feeling that my guts were gonna fall out went away. I plan on taking it slow but I truly can't wait for that first complete 5K.

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