Sunday, October 5, 2014

Always A Work In Progress

So a while back I broke up with Paleo.

Duh. Duh. Duh.

Okay, I admit I still love Paleo style eating. But I'm beginning to believe that my body needs some grains in order to perform its best. My runs were suffering. My weight sessions were lackluster. I decided to add some yummy grainy carbs back in the form of sprouted bread, rice, corn, and gluten free baked goodies. My runs improved almost immediately. In fact, I completed a 7.5m run up the mountain the day before my surgery.

But, I still need to lose some weight. About 10lbs and I'll be back down to racing weight and my thighs won't create so much friction when I wear shorts.

I've decided to go back to counting calories with Sparkpeople and having a cheat day once a week. I used to really really love cheat days. Now I can enjoy them again guilt free. I've already got an amazing treat lined up for my first cheat day next weekend. This recipe from The Urban Poser is printed and on my fridge as an incentive for keeping my calorie intake in check for the next week.

I'm very happy with how my belly is looking. I seriously can't believe all that loose skin is gone. Just gone! It's motivating me to work on getting in the best shape possible. I'm absolutely aching to get moving, but I won't be cleared for exercise for another three and a half weeks. In the meantime though, I can really focus on my eating and getting some of these extra pounds off my frame.

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