Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring Homeschool Check In

or more appropriately titled…What We Are Doing When We Really Just Want To Be Outside In The Fabulous Weather.


(photo by Cash)

As of this week we are down to 4 weeks of school. Or should I say curriculum. At the end of our 4 weeks we will take a three week break and then dive into all new things. That might seem like a long time left, but we like to work with a relaxed schedule with many breaks throughout the year.

I’m still relying on the Simple Homeschool Planner that I implemented around Christmas. I love it! I’m a fan of organization but always seem to let things slip after a month or so. Being able to customize it to my liking has helped keep me focused.

But the focus seems to be stopping with me. The kids are antsy, ready to be done for a while already, over it, don’t want to hear about Ancient civilizations or multiplication anymore!

Stella is about to finish up:

Saxon 1

Spelling Workout A

First Language Lessons Level 1

History Odyssey: The Ancients

Life Science

Cash is almost done with:

Teaching Textbooks 3

Spelling Workout B

First Language Lessons Level 2

History Odyssey: The Ancients

Life Science


We’ve been slowly working through Drawing With Children, we have dabbled in composers, we touched on Latin and Greek root words and a bit of basic Spanish. Stella is still working on Piano as an elective. Cash prefers Minecraft.

I’ve seen some major changes with the kids this school year. Huge advances and leaps and connections that make it so worthwhile to be the one doing this alongside them. My reluctant reader is still reluctant but able to read much more fluently and sound out words that before would give him fits. My girl is putting things together that I never imagined and asking the most amazing questions one could at six.

Yes we need a break. We will relish our break. We can’t wait for it. But all in all…its been a terrific year.


P.S. I have a question for anyone with experience in this. Stella is finishing Saxon 1 but I don’t feel comfortable moving her onto Teaching Textbooks 3. What can we do in the meantime besides Saxon 2. I can’t handle another year of Saxon!!!

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