Saturday, March 29, 2014

Best Laid Plans



Oh I had big plans for this past week. Plans of cleaning, yardsaleing, planting, and soap making.

But of course, the Universe had other ideas for me.

It started with two escaped goats followed by me being down and out with health issues.

The goats were finally located three days later, 5 miles away.

The health thing isn’t yet resolved, but has me rethinking a lot of my bad habits.

And of course all the commotion led to our homeschool week being very out of the ordinary.

But I’m trying not to let it stress me. Stress is not why we do what we do.

We live this way to cut back on stress.

Tomorrow is another day. Monday is another week. Our work will get done. The seeds will get in the ground. That yardsale will happen. The soap labels will get printed and applied.

And it will all be okay.

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  1. Hope you get health issues resolved soon, being ill is not fun.

    Lost/forgot my old blog addy. Old age. Bookmarked new one. Sorry. ha!


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