Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Spa Day


While her brother was sleeping over with a friend, I indulged my youngest child. She wanted to do a spa day. I encouraged her to write down all her ideas and we would try and do as many as we could. That one should read “foot rub” but it could have just as easily been “fat rub”. Maybe she’s even aware that mama is trying to shed a few pounds. Wonder if she was going to rub that fat right off me?

We started with a homemade avocado honey mask. And she insisted I cut up cucumbers for our eyes and to snack on. Because relaxing makes you hungry, I guess?


Back rub time! She might have a future as a masseuse if I totally fail at homeschooling her.



Then a friend dropped by and she got the Stella Spa Treatment as well.


To finish it up I let two giggly, wiggly little girls paint my toenails. Just be glad you’re not seeing a close up of that.


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