Friday, October 4, 2013


Mother Nature sending me a Winter warning as I was putting up tomato sauce.

I am a believer in messages. Little nudges that either confirm you are on the right path or attempt to send you elsewhere.  I wasn't very enlightened or open to listening to anyone or anything as a child, teen, or young adult. It took me a while to slow down and take notice of the messages being sent me.

But whoa! When I did....they were coming fast and furious. And the messages were always the same...... you have calmly......slow kind........your children need you present.

Everything I've been doing for the past year has been part of a conscious slow down. The move to homeschool, decreasing our activities and commitments, raising chickens, picking up knitting, trying hard to garden. These types of things have a way of making you take your time.

And I really can't help but wonder where all this will lead. This path that feels so absolutely right. The one my soul is gladly walking and learning to want less every single day.

Want less. You have enough. Live calmly. Slow down. Be kind. Be present for your children.

I've also felt the nudges that tell me to make sure and give myself some space and peace. To work hard but relax when I need it. I carved out this space in my favorite room the other day. A place just for me. To store what I am currently reading, my yarn, my thoughts, myself.

There are a few words I try to attach to my heart and remember when I feel troubled. Balance is one. Balance is so very important to me because I struggle with it but know how well it makes life work when you achieve it. So I balance the roles of mother and wife. And I balance the roles of mother and me. And I balance my mind to keep the negative thoughts at bay. And I balance my emotions to keep from being overwhelmed by circumstances that I am powerless over.

Then I just wait and watch for the next little message that tells me I am doing just fine.

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