Friday, August 2, 2013

We've Reached The Dog Days

I swear y'all I already have that fall itch. The one that comes with the first of August. When stores are in full on back to school frenzy. When summer has just overstayed its welcome. When Arkansas is sticky and muggy and buggy and all around yuck. It makes you just want to go jump in the river but truthfully I'm already tired of swimming this year. I'm even tired of wearing shorts and I keep finding myself reaching for a pair of jeans instead of my favorite summer staple.

Now I don't mind reminiscing on the fun we had this summer. After our first semester of homeschool we were all doing quite okay with the being together all the time. I didn't anticipate that summer would really be that difficult. We kept a light school schedule with daily reading and math. Taking a few weeks off here and there. We also went on an epic roadtrip! 7 days through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorodo. Just me and the kids road trippin in the ol' Honda. We saw and did some amazing things. I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves.

Warren and I also snuck away for a night to the Rock for Oklahoma concert to see our boys! The Kings totally rocked it. I got a picture with Nacho. If you have ever seen the documentary Talahina Sky then you know who that is. I also snagged Caleb's cup and not to sound like a crazy person but oh man it was kind of sort of awesomely cool.

I also started another blog. Primal Hippie is my small corner to document my adventures in Paleo and fitness. Yes...I do still work out. Not to the extent I once did and I try to keep it a bit more varied than just running every day.

Between more remodeling projects, traveling, river trips, and schooling this summer seems to have been jam packed and I am gratefully welcoming routine and looking forward to that first chill in the air.




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