Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Setting Up For Success

(or more accurately titled...What To Do If You Live In the Boonies.)

First and foremost. Nature should be your playground. You can hop, skip, and jump all you like. You can hike long distances and sprint short ones. You can landscape your yard and get a hell of a workout.

But what about those days when you have all of 20 minutes in between kid stuff and house stuff and life stuff?

Then you gotta just bust out a quick and fast and effective routine.

I have grand plans of turning a portion of our outdoor shop with the 12ft ceilings into a mini-crossfit box. We are slowly acquiring equipment and working on cleaning and reorganizing. So far the things we have are giving us a pretty good workout.

You gotta jump jump!

This is something I am admittedly not good at! I need to get faster. I need to go longer. I need to not tangle my feet in the cord!

Pot called the kettlebell what?

Weights in any form are a must. We have the standard plate weights and a bench (but those are waiting for the proper gym configuration) and now we have these kettlebells in 10lb and 20lb.

Pull-ups aren't just for toddlers!

This right here is a personal goal. I have never in my life been able to do a pull up. I am also terrible at push ups. Evidently all my strength is in my lower body. It's that rear end that powers me up hills when I'm running.

Dreaded Dreadmill.....

This is not necessary. But it is really good for when you can't leave the house to get in a run or a long walk.

Only a few items remain on the wish list. Boxes for jumping. Rope for climbing. We have the mats for a cushy landing!

That's pretty much the basics. All these things used in the right ways can whip you into shape. That is...as long as you are eating right. We all know correct nutrition is the absolute foundation for a healthy life.

And speaking of...dinner last night was delicious. I made Practical Paleo's Smoky Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs paired with a simple green salad and sweet potato.

I am so happy there are leftovers!


  1. Oh I need to come to your house and we can crossfit as a mean ass family :) I'm glad your getting into this girl!

  2. Heck yeah you do! You need to whip me into shape. My husbands ass needs kicking.


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