Sunday, March 10, 2013

What Stella Is Up To

I thought it might be fun to take a peek into what Miss Sugarbaby is up to during our school days. She certainly has a much lighter load than the boys being that she is only 4, but that doesn't mean she is exempt from academics all together!

She is the latest riser in our family, which works out well. It gives the boys and I time to wake up and get through a decent chunk of work before she crashes the party. Once she is up her first activity is breakfast. Then its either back to her room to play dress up or to the computer to play Starfall.

Dress up is pretty important. To her, school at home is an excuse for several costume changes a day. I'm fine with this. I feel that giving her a chance to express herself however she wishes is very important. Also, all that time spent picking out the right accessories keeps her busy for long stretches of time.

Once she has exhausted all her clothing options, she can usually be coerced into doing some Kindergarten level bookwork or drawing. Below is a picture of her stuffed cat.

Stella has already finished one complete Kindergarten book. A bit of a sampling of each subject. For now we are doing small increments of time in Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetic. Bear math is a favorite. She can make up her own number sentences to solve or copy down the ones I set up for her. About 10 minutes of Math is all we do a day. Of course that doesn't include when she helps with cooking, or the constant barrage of questions I fire at her during the course of our day.
As I have mentioned before we are using Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons. It's working very well for her and we are getting close to being half way through the book. The promise of her very own library card is a motivating factor, but the excitement on her face when she reads BOB books is delightful for me.
Her favorite part of our take it easy hours might be the stretches of time spent outside.

In the woods.

In the flower beds.
At the playground.
If you're Stella there is lots of fun to be had. Everyday and everywhere.

Rainy days are fun because you get to accessorize with an umbrella!

Projects are fun and good for motor skills and following directions.

Hummus is fun, especially when you make up songs about it as you eat.

Painting farm animals is grand.

Soccer is a real kick as long as you don't have to actually play soccer and can just wear cute clothes.


Cooking at a friends house is much better than cooking at home!

Face mask.....war paint. Same difference.

Growing things. Like her mind and her plants. This is what she does best.

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