Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year just wasn't that cheery. I tried to get in the mood but had a hard time. I normally have no shortage of holiday excitement but try as I might, I wasn't feeling it. That didn't stop the kids though and we did our best to keep up our yearly traditions for them.

I normally bake a long list of cookies. This year we managed a batch of sugar cookies using our passed down antique cookie cutters on Christmas Eve like we always do.

The moose and bass are always the boys favorites. Sugarbaby was particularly fond of the flower and the peace dove. It was actually pleasant letting them help with the rolling and cutting this year more than years before. I don't know if I had just had more to drink and my patience was at an all time high or if they are actually just growing up and are able to be more patient themselves.

Getting them to take a decent group photo is another story though.
They were cracking me up with how much they got into the NORAD Santa tracker. They spent a good thirty minutes cruising around the world, checking out where Santa had been, and asking me how to pronounce the names of foreign cities and countries.

And then.....

it was Christmas Morning! 3 a.m. Cash bounced in our room proclaiming SANTA HAD COME AND OHMIGASH CAN WE OPEN PRESENTS?!?!?!  We answered accordingly in a hushed half hungover whisper, "NO! GO BACK TO SLEEP!" The husband and I have a tradition of staying up late and having a few drinks, exchanging our own gifts, and helping Santa out when he arrives on Christmas Eve.

At a much nicer more normal hour of 7 a.m. both boys came in our room begging to check their stockings. We all were up and around by seven thirty. Poor Sugarbaby was succumbing to a bad Winter cold and didn't even care about her presents, she just wanted to sleep. After hearing her brothers cries of excitement she finally got into it.

She had to put on this fairy dress right away. I don't blame her. I need one too!
The dogs even got presents. Boss was going to town on his squeaky wine bottle.
The grandparents came down and spent an hour or so with the kiddos before we headed over to the husband's family's for Christmas lunch.
And then.....we got one final Christmas present. A White Christmas. Pretty rare around these parts. This was late in the afternoon. Snow continued to fall totaling around 6 to 8 inches.
The dogs loved it. The kids thought it was pretty but they are much too Southern too enjoy being out in it for any extended period of time.

Which brings us to today. It was spent laying around the house, playing LEGOS, napping, lamenting the loss of our television that picked this very morning to die on us.

This guy is a master LEGO builder. He spends hours on these things.


This one was particularly amusing.

This one finally got what she calls GIRL LEGOS.

It only took me an hour to help her build this one.

After that I was tuckered out and needed a nap.

Allie totally agreed.


  1. Awww, it looks like a nice time. :) The kiddos are really growing up. I can't believe the snow! Wow.

  2. I can't believe you guys got that amount of snow down there! We haven't even seen those accumulations in Vancouver since about 2008 and it's dusted only once so far this year. To me, you guys have the perfect climate!

  3. AWWW! Looks like fun! You have such precious kids! I can't wait to hear about homeschooling. I wasn't really feeling the Christmas cheer myself--especially with inlaw inviting herself up for the weekend and other reasons. The kids had a great one though! I am learning to knit! Most frustratingly addictive feat.


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