Sunday, August 19, 2012

Looking For Fall 2012 Edition

It happens like clockwork. Every year, about the time that we as a whole family unit, can not handle one more bit of summer, I start pining for Fall.

I can not help it. There is nothing I love more than sharp cold mornings. Frost on the cars, clouds of white in the air everytime you breathe. Big chunky sweaters thrown on so you can drink your coffee on the chilly porch in the stillness that is a Fall morning.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I am excited for the boys. They are entering first grade and fourth grade. They know the routines, what is expected of them, and they are looking forward to seeing their friends. Sugarbaby is starting pre-school. As much as I am ready for a bit of a break during the day, I know I will miss her something fierce. I anticipate it happening along about Day 4 or so. I know I will call for her or turn around to take her hand or just seek her out for a hug and she won't be there. I see it in her face that she is unsure of this new adventure.

When I drop them all off at their respective classrooms tomorrow, I will go for a run. Maybe solo or maybe with a friend. I will commit myself back to a regular healthy schedule now that the lawlessness of Summer is over. I will be productive again. I will not stress and just take one day at a time. I will be glad my kids have something to do during the day, but I will miss them like crazy.

Fall.....I am so glad you are on your way.


  1. Love this....i love the term "Lawlessness", that is exactly how I feel about summer and I love it! I don't want it to end...I have yet to reach my breaking point. I am sure it will be soon. :0)

  2. I could write this post almost word for word. As much as I love the slow and lazy pace of summer, there is really something to be said for routine and schedule (and the kiddos in school for sure!), especially in the productivity and health/fitness areas. My own motivation is long gone!


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