Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kombucha Tea & A Girl Named Maggie

I fully believe that everyone has a friend named Maggie. I also fully believe that everyone named Maggie is automatically an amazing person. Not your run of the mill awesomeness. No. That does not suffice. If you do know someone named Maggie they are probably the most fun, free spirited, happy friend you have. I am also under the impression that my friend Maggie is the best Maggie ever out of all the extraordinary Maggies out there. If Maggie were a color she would be every color of the rainbow. If Maggie were a feeling she would be inspired, calm, joyful, patient. Basically when Maggie walks into a room, the entire room turns on its axis and rotates around her. She just does that to ya.

One day 3 or so years ago, Maggie dropped by out of the blue. And I know it was that long ago because in this picture my walls were still paneling. But she didn't stop in empty handed. She never does. On that day she came bearing the biggest, juiciest peaches I have ever laid eyes on. Sugarbaby was delighted with the gift and the gift giver.

Having known Maggie since I was about 13, I have been witness to many of these amazing expressions. Here is just one of my favorites.

She is one of those old souls, capable of spreading wisdom and joy wherever she goes. Which is a lot of places!

I haven't even touched on her sense of style. That would be a whole post in itself. Maybe I can convince her to model a few of her favorite ensembles. Almost everything is thrifted, found, or gifted to her. I took her to Target last month and she remarked that she hadn't been in a Target in 5 years or more.

Maggie truly is my most talented friend. Teacher, naturalist, artist. She is Mother Nature's best friend. My tattoo? Custom Maggie. She took my words and wrote them. Over and over and over. Once we got the perfect one, I took it with me to Black Sparrow.

Why am I going on and on about MY friend Maggie? Well, cause like I said. She is awesome. And she's getting married! I haven't been this excited about a wedding since the Husband and I hightailed it to Vegas for our own nuptials. Her future Mr. Maggie is one of the most laid back guys I have met and could not be a more perfect partner for her.



Kombucha tea anyone?

The last time Mags dropped by she brought us our very own Kombucha culture. Skeptical as always, I eyed the organism but followed her specific directions in the care and feeding of Kombucha. I brewed my tea, dumped in the SCOBY and waited. Dude...............dude. Kombucha tea is awesome.

It might not look awesome. But it is awesome.
You just try really hard not to think about the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast) that was floating in the tea before you drank it. YUM!

Here is to good health and long life, and my good friend Maggie!

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