Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I Look Like

Over the years I've finally come to realize that the things that bother you most about yourself, other people hardly ever notice.

Things that have always bothered me:
My chubby cheeks
My uneven eyebrows
The cellulite on my thighs
My stretch marks from three babies
Having humongous boobs

But the things that people do notice about you, it seems like you don't even know those physical traits exist. My husband tells me all the time that I have big lips. I never ever think of myself as having a large mouth, yet I was at my class reunion and an old friend commented on how she would kill for my lips. Me? I had no clue. I get compliments on my eyes as well. To me they are just eyes. Not too special. Only when I see pictures do I notice the ethereal green color they actually are.

I don't think we get to appreciate ourselves in our true light. Our vision is skewed by media, self-criticism, and awful fluorescent lighting. We aren't on the other side of the camera or face or whatever often enough to actually see ourselves how others see us.

When my husband tells me I am beautiful, it is very hard for me to take the compliment gracefully. I normally want to call bullshit on him. But as I get older I am learning to take it as a sweet gesture by someone who sees me for who I am even when I can't. And while I might hate having huge boobs, he certainly doesn't mind it.

What do other people say about your appearance that you are in total denial of?


  1. You do have pretty eyes and HUGE boobs! :-) I'd personally kill for your legs!

    No matter how fat I have been, J always compliments my "skinny" waist. I'm always like WHATEVER! But I guess I do have small waist in comparison to my fat a$$. :-)

  2. I hear you so loud on this post! I have a whole laundry list of flaws ... it's so bad but I'm trying to rid myself of it for the sake of my daughters. I tend to get compliments on my eyebrows, eyes, butt. A close girlfriend constantly goes on about my legs, she knows exactly when I start running or a new workout ... I love her, haha.

  3. Good post! Very true. All the flaws we see in ourselves are really so insignificant to others!


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