Monday, August 8, 2011

You Know The One Where She Did A Complete 360?

First off, can I please introduce Tate?

Oh yes....please.

Here is Tate. Gorgeous pudgy beautiful baby Tate. Michelle's darling Tate.

Welcome to the world precious girl!

And then let me explain something. Have you ever heard that supposedly you go through a complete life change every so many years? Like every 7 years you have the urge to cheat on the spousal unit (not that I have or would so don't go there)? Was that just a Marilyn Monroe movie? Probably.

I am pretty sure over the last year and a half, there has been a major shift in my life and I am very different. Off kilter from the old Ashley you might say. The personality is still there, still the same. But the interests, beliefs, so on and ectera are quite changed and I would say improved. I'm pretty cool with all of it. Just busy, but happy and feeling ready to start over since school is almost here and things might smooth out. If i'm lucky.

So am I saying that maybe since it has all settled I might want to blog again.


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