Monday, August 15, 2011

It'll Grow In. Right?

 Cue scene yesterday in the living room after noticing the massive amounts of shedded fur on the wood floor:

Me: "I really need to take Allie back to the groomer. It's getting out of hand."

audible sound of husband's buttcheeks clenching at the sound of spending money

Husband: "What? We can't spend four to five hundred dollars a year getting the dog a damn haircut."

Me: "Well it has to be done and you are exaggerating....again. It would only be two hundred if I took her four times a year."

Husband: "Yeah two hundred too much."

Subject is herein dropped.

Later that evening I get the idea that I'll just clip the dog myself. I have an old set of clippers that I cut the kids hair with. Yes...the blades are somewhat dull, but I figured if I could get it done then I would have a reason to invest in a set of doggie clippers.

An hour of so later, dripping in sweat and covered in dog hair, I survey my masterpiece. I then text the husband.

Me: Well I took care of that pesky little grooming issue.
Husband: See, save money live better.
Me: Yeah you're right, it does look like she got groomed at W*l-Mart.

Oh the embarrassment.

P.S. The blog address has changed so please update your reader. Thank you!

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  1. Tell Warren he's going to have to stop using the WM slogan! LOL I don't think she looks that bad, and I'm sure she's thanking you because she's so much cooler!


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