Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things and Stuff

I miss you my friends!

I have pictures, oh so many pictures, but my computer is telling me I don't have enough disk space to get them from my camera to my screen. Can someone help?

A few things we've been doing: County Fair, Chalkboard Construction, Feingold Program (this will involve its own post), Soccer Preparedness, Homework Finishing, Fall Cleaning, Food Consuming, and Mommy Running.

I am exhausted. This is the first time I have set down in two days.

I really have so much to tell you. I can't wait to share. I just need a nap first.

P.S. If you know what the Feingold Program is, please leave me a comment!


  1. I know nothing but it is nice to see you here!

  2. You might try running a scan disk?

    I hear you on the "tired factor," seems like when things should be slowing down, we're speeding up.

  3. Feingold diet: not sure of details, but I think it's no gluten, no dairy, no preservatives, and then there's a whole other category of foods. Supposed to help kinds with ASD or related neurological issues. Right?


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