Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Need A Tranquilizer. Or Thirty. Whatever.

What can I say, I just can't stay away.

I blame it on Summer.

I have a severe dislike for Summer.

I am not one of  those moms. I wish I was. Especially on a day like today. But I need my time alone. And by alone, I mean as far away from tattling, screaming, hitting, mess making, and tantruming X 3 as I can get.

What in the world possessed me to have three kids?

The morning was spent building an awesome tent/fort structure out of the kids Cranium SuperFort pieces.

I was quite impressed and they spent a good amount of time playing in there. Together. Like, actually getting along. Amazing. I know.

Hello in there darlings! Can I come in?

Quite the cozy little nook y'all have created.

After that fun was all played out, we did lunch and to my surprise they ate. Meaning they took at least three bites before ignoring their food and pounding on the table with their forks. Oh and feeding the dog.

The littlest rugrats took naps while their older brother watched far too much Drake & Josh courtesy of Netflix streaming. I will not under any form of torture (including waterboarding) admit to how much television my children watch a day and we don't even have satellite or cable.

They proceeded to trash the house in a rockstar fashion after naps. Dinner was mildly uneventful. They ate even more than they did at lunch, so I was pleased. Afterwards we loaded the dishwasher, meaning the dog licked the plates and I stuck them in their slots. The dog and I have some serious chore teamwork going on.

I herded the whole crew outside for some bike/tricycle riding while I gave Allie Goggy a bath. After Sugarbaby was knocked down by a speeding Monster they were all sent inside. Playtime over.

The night ended with everyone screaming. Me, them, probably the neighbors as well.

Now everyone is in their bed. I'm hiding in my room.

I can't take much more of Summer.

But I am sure they are loving it.


  1. Can I say how much I love the new layout??

  2. ok, biotch, you neeeed to inform people to refollow you. I had no idea. Sheesh.

    They look adorable. And you had 3 kids because you were meant to. So you could ninja kick this focked up family curse we have going.

  3. Oh...another post. Liar.

    Fort looks awesome and I'll never admit to how much TV my daughter watches either. Cause who knew? Parenting is hard.

  4. Love it and ain't that the truth!! Summer = Mama in a padded room.

    PS. thanks for making my summer more reading your blog.


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