Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun With Allie

I had totally forgotten what living with a puppy was like.

The chewing, and whining, and potty training. Wait....

That's pretty much been my life for the past 6.75 (someone has a birthday coming up!) years.

Truthfully, acclimating to life with Allie has been pretty easy. At 11 weeks old she sleeps all night long in her crate and does not whine until someone gets up. She walks on her leash with only minimal pulling. She responds to "NO!" way better than the kids do. And Allie is fully housetrained. Except for when I step in a wet spot. But I never, I repeat NEVER step in poop. She has the most important one down in my opinion.

Allie cuddles with me on the couch at night, laying next to me on her back just like a baby. And she is growing! This pup has put on nearly 15 pounds in 4 weeks. I can't wait until she is ready to run with me. She'll be the perfect pacing companion.

Being a dog, she of course smells like a dog. Frequent baths are in order and dude...she hates taking a bath. I don't really mind bathing her and when we're done she loves burrowing in her giant zebra towel. After all that trauma of the wet cold water and OH MI GAH the shampoo! she acts like I am the best thing in the world. Even though I just drenched her in her most hated enemy. Dogs are so loyal....and confusing.

Allie has claimed the "Bear Chair" in the boys room as her perch. If I'm looking for her I check the chair, the laundry space under the kid's bathroom counter, or my shower. She loves sleeping in the shower. I even caught her in the kids bathtub the other day. She can now jump on the couch and in the tub. Now why would that silly puppy get in the tub if she hates taking a bath?

Even SUMS has fallen for Allie's puppy charms. And winning him over is not easy, but she has managed to make the whole family love her. Sugarbaby is especially smitten. "ADDIE GOGGY!", is the first thing she says every morning.

Having an Australian Shepherd is a different experience than most dogs. Their energy and intelligence is a one two punch and they are not a breed everyone can handle. I've been lucky to have two amazing Aussie's before Allie, and my bet is that she will be pretty amazing herself.


  1. She's so pretty. I'm glad she's not leaving you "presents" around the house. Have fun!

  2. She looks so snuggly and cute!

  3. oh, she is cute!
    We just got a dog a few months ago...definitely an adjustment for all of us, but so worth it!

  4. I swear, Allie is Roy's long lost sister.

    He was easy too - never chewed and loved his crate. If it wasn't so big, I'd still keep it out for him. He gets excited whenever he sees it. And you're right, she will be the perfect running companion.


    Sweet Allie. ;-)

  5. I'm still not a fan of our dog. I'd much prefer not having a dog at all but I was and still am outnumbered.

  6. She's beautiful! Our cat loved getting in our bath tub, even learned to drink from the faucet!

    That reminds me---we need to bathe our lab, sigh....

  7. she's beautiful! we love australian shepherds and have 3 ourselves.


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