Monday, May 3, 2010


Sugarbaby's birthday celebration was sweet, simple, and just perfect for her. I'll make sure and get a few pictures up tomorrow.

Posting will still be light this week. I'm headed out of town Thursday and hopefully my adventures will yield some blog material. It's inevitable when Sugarbaby and I go on a roadtrip with Supergrandma all the way to GG's, things are bound to happen. Murphy's Law and all that.

I know a while back I mentioned a vlog with the answers to reader questions. I promise promise promise that this is coming next week. In the mean time feel free to submit more questions so I can actually make the vlog worth your time.

Also, note the snazzy new blog header. Thanks to my dearest Bloggy BFF, Michelle. Her tag line idea was brilliant and was inspired by the fact that I am on a constant diet and in order to track how many ounces (and calories) of wine I consume, I tend to drink my vino out of mason jars. She thinks that's funny.

Welcome new readers and thanks to old readers for sticking around.


  1. Love ya & so glad you're back. You need to send me the RGB for the new blue background & I will make the background the same color!

    And mason jars full of wine ARE funny!

  2. I hope she had a great birthday. I've been busy dying of the plague. I like the mason jar idea....that is so....redneck. ;)


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