Sunday, May 16, 2010

Excuses Excuses

Okay folks. Let's be honest here. SugarBritches is just not rolling along so smoothly. Believe you me I've noticed the insane amount of fluff posted here. I promise I used to actually post substantial things. Stories and recipes and rants, er I mean opinions. Lately I've realized that all I give you lovely people is a random picture here and there, or a lame excuse as to why I'm not blogging. Or even a nicely bullet pointed update to my life. And while I realize you come here to read about my life (in a sense), you also don't give a flying rat's you know what about the mundane details from the past few weeks.

When I actually think about a blog post it almost always has something to do with running or eating. This is not a diet blog, a health blog, or a running blog. So maybe I should start one of those to get all this out of my brain and make room for things actually pertaining to SugarBritches. Would any of you read that? Probably not because if you're into running/health blogs you're probably off reading Tall Mom or Prior Fat Girl. I just love those two by the way.

Anyways, I do have a legitimate excuse for slacking on this blog and not starting another blog for my exercise brain dump. After the laptop breathed its last, the desktop caught a nasty bug. SUMS has installed some crazy non-Windows operating system and while I have access to all my old photos and can surf the Internetz to my hearts content, I can't get any new photos off my camera. I also don't have access to my Photoshop to manipulate said photos. That makes me sad. I think I might have even done the ugly cry a time or two. So all those lovely pics from my roadtrip with Supergrandma, well I can't make those into a even more lovely blog post. And it's a shame too because I captured a honest to gah genuine smile on the woman and that is damn near impossible. And those photos I took at the pottery gallery where we all procured $30 dollar (so you know they are bitchin) coffee mugs made by the sweetest Japanese artist? Can't get those either, although I do plan on linking to her shop because she is crazy talented. Oh and our new puppy? Won't be seeing her precious mug on here anytime soon.

I need a sugar daddy or a computer fairy or access to a small fortune. A reader and childhood friend in Florida recently emailed me that she was about to break down and send me a damn laptop just so I would blog again. "Love ya Sam!" I should just quit whining and make due.

In the meantime...I'll be running and savoring these last two weeks of school before summer unleashes the boys upon me 24/7. Pray for me.


  1. Technology sucks and yet....

  2. Take to office depot. They fixed my poor computer!

  3. Sending good thoughts your way...

    Hey, before you know it, they'll be going back to school. (At least that what I keep telling myself.)

  4. Will summer really be here that soon? Ugh!!

    P.S. Congrats on your Parents Picks pre-nomination! Go, you!!


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