Monday, April 12, 2010

Still Here...

  • My laptop is still out of commission. Technically it is working again but it had to be wiped clean meaning, all pics, software, even the newest version of Windows is gone. Anyone have a new Windows disk they want to send me, please feel free.

  • There is a cat on the back porch. I'm not feeding it. I want it to go away.

  • I ran 4 miles this morning with a time of 36 minutes. I'm rather proud as that is the longest distance I have ever jogged and I didn't even stop once, traffic be damned.

  • Bloggy BFF Michelle is in the midst of her Random Acts of Kindness. Please go visit. Now. Right now!

  • Sugarbaby is turning 2 in two and a half weeks. I'm not ready!

  • Last night I ate cake. And it was good.
  • And since I have nothing else to add, I'll leave you with the failed remains of family Easter pictures. Enjoy.


    1. Lou builds them. He says... shut down laptop. then restart. While cont. tapping F8 key. It should take you to restore menu, and then reinstall windows.

    2. Oh dear Lord in heaven do I love you. I was laughing so hard at those pics, but you are CUTE!! Love the dress.

    3. And hi, get over and enter yourself three times! You know I send good presents.

    4. BEST. PICTURES. EVER!!!!!! i laughed so hard!!

    5. Oh my goodness!! Too funny!! Thanks for sharing the pics!! My baby is turning 2 soon too. April goes so fast!

    6. Love the commentary on the pics. And really? It wouldn't be Easter unless at least one kid is crying.

    7. This post just cracked me up!!!


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