Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet Surprise

I just love receiving packages in the mail.
Especially when they come from one of my favorite Etsy stores, made
by one of my favorite bloggers.
I love them so much more when they were sent by my bloggy BFF.

Look at these beauties! So very me. I usually only wear silver, pearl, or turquoise. Lucky me they were combined in one.

Michelle is a giver. Leave her alone about it she says. Right now she is doing some major giving in anticipation of her birthday. Check out what she's got up her sleeve and maybe one of you can help her out or give her some suggestions.

I just love that girl and her awesome creative and giving spirit.


  1. OMG! This, plus I just found out Elise is coming home for my b-day has made it the start to a very good day!

    PS. Still waiting for the good news that you're coming up. Just sayin'... I need someone to vlog it & drink wine with me. I will supply the mason jars!

  2. Giving, putting a smile on someone's face, is the best feeling.

    They are beautiful! What a sweet friend.

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