Monday, January 11, 2010

Here We Are. Just You And Me. Alone. All Alone.

Well hellllllooo there friends!

Welcome to our new more private place. Some of you have asked about the back story on White Trash Barbie. She really is nobody important and hasn't caused me any problems, but she has caused a world of trouble for my sister. So this going private thing isn't so much because of her but more stemmed from some New Years Resolutions. One of them was to be more unplugged. I can't promise I will write everyday or every week even. But I know you guys will be here to listen when I do and I really do appreciate that.

So lets do a quick recap of the last few weeks.

Christmas came and went. The kids got mounds of toys. No pictures because my memory card crapped out and I'm too lazy, er broke, to buy a new one. But just imagine happy smiling SugarBritches babies surrounded by mounds of shiny wrapping paper. There you go. Good.
I got a gorgeous necklace with the babes names on it from The Vintage Pearl. I also got my bedroom remodeled. That one is still in progress. It is currently a lovely shade a grey and awaiting a new bed frame and light fixture. I'm sure the window treatments will be hung next week. Hopefully. Please lord let him get them up cause I'm tired of having to wear clothes in my room. I like being in my birthday suit.

New Years came and went. This we have a few pics of thanks to my friend J. I pilfered these off her Facebook page. This was the first New Years Eve night we've gone out since Cash was born. It was great fun as indicated by my glassy eyed state in the following photographic evidence.

And yes, that is a cigarette in my hand. I smoke when I drink, but no other time. I don't want to hear a word about it folks!

I'm still running. Not as often cause in case y'all are living in the tropics and don't its cold outside! I'm doing the treadmill as much as I can AND... AND...we got a Wii and Wii Fit for Christmas! Thank you so much GG! I've been doing the Wii Fit every day and I didn't gain a pound over the holidays and I'm now below 155lbs which hello! is a damn miracle. So the exercise and eating healthy is going well and I'm pleased to say that my resolutions are just as doable as last year's were so I've got a pretty good chance of succeeding. Maybe I'll share them with you. More on that later.

Okay so we've got another Girl's Night coming up weekend after next. This time it's a Mexican Margarita Fiesta! Tacos and tequila. Here's hoping I get my ass in gear and secure a new memory card so I can record all the fun for ya.

Also SUMS is having a birthday and I'm trying to plan a surprise party. We'll see how that goes.

Until next ya, glad you're here, don't get mad if I don't post often enough. Also, remember when I'm private I won't show up in your reader so you might just have to come here and check in to make sure I'm alive. Make sure to check in on Friday nights cause that's when I get all tipsy and think I'm a brilliant blogger and one funny biotch. Which I'm not. But I think I am. So there.


  1. LOL I'm glad you're coming unplugged. Er..wait, that didn't sound right.

    Sounds like ya had a good Christmas, and looks like a fun New Years.

    YAY GG for buyin ya the Wi

  2. Ha!
    unplugged...err...isnt that what wireless is for? Lol, no I get it!

    I'm having camera malfunctions myself from Xmas.

    You NEED to write lots! Dammit! Blog reading lets my brain have a break from school work and is much less expensive than trashy magazines. AND your the one who got me into this blog reading keep it up girl!

  3. Ha ha ya dirty smoker! I was JUST scrolling down to bitch at you about it. Love ya and so glad you kept the blog.

  4. I love that you're coming unplugged as well!!! Let 'er rip, Darlin ;) Swears and all, kay?

    Thanks for sending me an invite to continue blogging with you. I stopped by the other day, was about to send you an email, then got sidetracked...
    But here I am... yayayay ;)

    I thought about going private, for different reasons I'm sure, but there are a few extended family members that read my blog, including Trinity's dad... so, sadly ~ I edit. Which sux, cuz I'm way funnier after a few tequila's as well!!! LMAO.

  5. Dee- I think.

    Miss D- I will try for you honey sugar pie! But you know my creative juices keep getting zapped by these dang anklebiters.

    Best Bloggy BFF- I know I know! Dirty dirty habit. But what can I say, I'm just a dirty dirty girl.

    Michele-I'm so glad you came! I know right, I'm about to get really real up in here. The Monster's Dad and stepmom and their office secretary read here periodically so hopefully I can dish more and vent more without them reading. I guess I should be flattered about all the readers even though they don't make themselves known but I'd rather have a small group of great blog friends than a very large anonymous following knowing my every move.

    Good grief I'm getting paranoid.

  6. If you are just going to use this blog as a way to talk about your girl nights that I'm too far away to attend, then tell me now. At least that way I'll be better prepared with my jealousy.

  7. You are a vewy funnay "biotch". Now, plan your vacay so we can have lil umbrella drinks on the beach@

  8. Thanks for the invite! Casa Hice feel special.

    But smoking and running? Isn't that an oxy moron?


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