Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Do

When your son comes home from school and says he wishes he wasn't himself well it kind of breaks your heart. And you think to yourself, "Self, what can we do to make him feel better?"
What is the next best thing to switching identities (which probably isn't legal to do with a 6 year old anyways)? Get a haircut of course!

So we went to the hair cutting place and dude wanted a mohawk. And being the cool mom I am, I let him.

It's amazing what a new do can do for your self-esteem.

And when your mom makes pigs in a blanket for dinner (not cause she's lazy but because she's cool, don't confuse that) then your day just got a whole lot better.


  1. Monster Rocks! I don't know why he wishes he wasnt himself but I like just how he is (a lot like me....)! He's smarter than everyone else. He will LOVE that someday.

  2. OH YEAH!

    Mohawks rule. And so do cool moms. Yay.

  3. I wish I was a cool mommy. I tend to be lame. Love the 'do and da bears tee.

  4. That haircut is adorable! And cool mom most definitely does NOT equal lazy mom. Why some days, I'm so cool I don't even MAKE dinner. It's goldfish for everybody!

  5. I'm sorry he had a bad day! Glad you were there to make it all better!!

  6. Brilliant to let him get a mohawk. He can definitely pull it off (good thing he didn't want a mullet). Hair cuts really do help you feel like a new person! Smart thinking mom!

  7. That's one cool kid! I can sympathise with the school situation, and am so glad he's got Christmas holidays now to look forward to. Have fun!
    and Merry Christmas!

  8. You are a sweet mom! How good of you to understand!

    Here from serenityville (congrats on your award)

  9. I normally HATE a mohawk, but on this little's ADORABLE! Stopping by from Aaymee's to say congrats on your award!


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