Friday, November 27, 2009


I'm just a little excited and maybe a tad freaked out that I *ran 20 minutes straight this morning without walking...or dieing.

It's a golden miracle ya'll. Oh and my legs are really tight.

Please indulge me my bragging about this running thing. I've never ran for more than 5 minutes straight in my life and then I was probably like eight or something. This is amazing. Holy shit I didn't smack my face on the treadmill or puke.

*Dare I say this may be becoming a habit.


  1. Gurrrrrrl.... get ready for the Olympics! But beware... they make you run for longer than 20 minutes, unless you're a sprinter. Are you a sprinter?

    Listen, I bow to you. I can't run this old body around a tuna sandwich. I can do FIRM workouts, and lift weights and walk a marathon, but run? Nah. Knees won't let me.

    So celebrate your ability to run and do what you can every day for as long as you can. You will amaze yourself how fast your endurance will increase. I promise. But the bottom line Miss SB, is do what you love, otherwise you won't want to keep it up.

    I'm proud of you. Go girl, go!

  2. FYI Brag all you want lady, you should be proud and let the Bloggy land applaud you! Congrats...

    YIPPEE!!! YOu will be amazed at how auickly it becomes a habit, then you will not be able to remember a time when it wasnt part of your life.


  3. That's awesome, missy!! It only goes up from here. The feeling of running straight for 45 minutes is a moment I'll never forget and always my target. That feeling of wanting to collapse afterward? Addictive.


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