Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Totally Forgot I Had A Blog

Just kidding. Kind of.

Ya'll should just be grateful I haven't posted since last Wednesday. You didn't want any part of that hormonal mess. We'll just say its done and over for another month. And really, do ya'll feel like I write about my PMS on here way to much? I'm sure I could go back and link to all the posts where I was feeling stabby and we could do a graph on how severe my bitchiness is from month to month. Or we could just graph Halloween candy. Oh yeah, the Halloween candy helped out a lot. And I don't feel one bit guilty.

So here are the kids, all dressed up.

Sugarbaby was a pirate. I had to keep the paci in her mouth in order to keep her out of the rum. She channels Captain Jack well and she kept stumbling around like she was the cause for the the rum running out.

Why do baby pirates wear diapers?
So they have somewhere to keep their booty!
Cashman was a skeleton. His costume was too small. I bought his size but never tried it on him. Halloween FAIL Numero Uno.

The Monster was supposed to be a mummy. He doesn't look much like a mummy, huh? I had ripped sheets, sewed sheets, bought face paint and all. I went to assemble it that night and guess what? I suck at making Halloween costumes. Halloween FAIL Numero Dos. So after crying and cussing and profusely apologizing to the poor kid, we came up with a fly by the seat of our pants Zombie. Complete with gnawed on deer human bone. He wasn't too upset and I didn't cry anymore that evening. All those Kit Kats and Snickers took care of me in my time of need.

I realize these shots aren't the best I can do, but in all the other pictures I had another little girl in there and I wasn't sure about exploiting her on the Internet without her mother's permission. I mean, I can do it to my own kids but other people's kids? I'm thinking there is a law or at least some kind of unspoken, don't put my kid on your blog treaty, right?

A happy moment of the weekend was the Monster's soccer game. The one in which he scored FIVE FREAKIN GOALS! His first time ever to score and he scores five times. It was amazing and we were all so proud of him. His last game is on Thursday and I can't wait. Seems like we have a little soccer star in the making.

And seriously...that's all I got. Just writing this exhausted me. Or maybe I'm still dead from my run yesterday morning. Cause guess what ya'll? I'm still running! I might actually stick with something yet. I'm on Week 4 of C25K and I love it. Can't wait to show ya'll my new training goody when it gets here this week.


  1. The kids looks great - you are too hard on yourself!

    And 5 goals?! That's awesome. Speaking from experience, he will remember that game for life. I scored 3 in one game and I still talk about it. :)

  2. The kids look adorable. I so love the binkie in the pirate's mouth look. LOL

  3. ROFL I thought Halloween was *supposed* to be like that...?? (is at my house!)
    They look great anyhow, and when it involves candy, who's not having fun?

    Congratulations to the Boy on his amazing 5 goals... holy cow!! College scholarships and glory here we come!

  4. cute! cute! cute!

    I'm partial to the pirate outfit my self ;-)

  5. Love the costumes. Too cute. Well, the skeleton was scary. gory. scary gory. Definitely not "cute". ;)

  6. Good job on the running! I signed up to do that 5-mile run on Thanksgiving morning and ever since then...yeah, I haven't run a bit.


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