Monday, October 26, 2009


As I was digging through the archives, looking for things to repost, I came across this gem from January. I read it eagerly. Wondering if by some small chance I might have kept or completed any of my resolutions. I was delighted, tickled pink actually with the results.

Resolution 1: Treat my husband better.

Seems like a simple enough thing to do right? Well it is. I have to say with all honesty, each year we are together seems like it was better than the last. We've both done an awful lot of growing and maturing in the past 5 years, so I can say that this resolution was a success. We'll keep his opinions out of this post though.

Resolution 2: Structure. More structure for the children. Help the Monster with school (although he doesn't need it) on a daily basis. Start pre-school basics with Cashman. Get Sugarbaby on some type of schedule and sleeping somewhere besides with us (I know that one is a bit far fetched) before the year is up.

Monster is helped on a daily basis with homework and reading words. Cashman is in pre-school and is thriving. Sugarbaby has a schedule so rigid you don't dare deviate from it and FTW! she sleeps in her own bed and has since March or so.

Resolution 3: Begin and end a remodel on the bedrooms before the year is up.

Done and done.

Resolution 4: Lose weight.

Success. Not as much as I would like, but a loss is a loss and in my quest for weight loss and general overall healthiness, I've discovered that I really really like to run. Who would have thought?

I know it is a while till January and those much anticipated resolutions for the New Year, but I already know one that will be on my list. I want to run a 5K before 2010 is over. I never ever thought I would say or actually want such a thing, but I do. I've got an early birthday present in the mail from GG that I am super excited about and think will be a great training tool for me. I'll show it to ya'll when it gets here.

What have you accomplished this year that you wanted to?


  1. Congratulations on following through with your resolutions!! So many people make them, then they fall by the wayside as life takes over.

    For years,since the divorce actually, I have only made one. It's always the same, and covers a multitude of things.

    "Keep my head out of my a$$". Blunt, unsugared, but to the point. After the numerous mistakes I've made in life, I need a constant reminder to not do stupid stuff. To not hide. To not repeat mistakes, or get in ruts.

  2. Congratulations! And those are such excellent resolutions too.

  3. Good for you! You make yourself proud!

  4. Good. For. You.!!!

    As for the 5K - you can do it!!!!

  5. Hi! Just saw you were a new follower of mine, which makes you my favorite person this week. I imagine it was through inthetrenches or the shredding blog...anyhoo, AMAZING pictures and I love your writing style! I hate when people say that, so I can add that it's super interesting and compelling to read. So I'll be following backatcha!! And what i really came here to say, I too recently discovered I actually like running - after YEARS of hatred and forced team runs, now that I'm old and chubby and lots of fun things hurt, I love it! Rock on with the weight loss!

  6. AWESOME goals!!! You can do it!!! And I certainly see you running a 5K in the near future!


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