Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've got about a hot minute to post. Things are busy busy busy and I'll try and be quick and to the point about why posting has been and may continue to be a little light. But you know...I tend to ramble. So we'll try this out with some bullet points and see what we get.

  • The Monster has extracurricular activities.
  • One of those being soccer.
  • With games and practices at least 3 days a week.
  • The other one being Cub Scouts.
  • With meetings every Monday that require snacks, crafts, and for me to interact with people I don't know. Scary, right? I'm managing though. They seem very nice, I'm just socially awkward.
  • Have I mentioned that I drive 60 miles a day, Monday thru Friday just to take the kids to and from school? No? I didn't? Well I do!
  • I've also started the Couch to 5K program. I'm really enjoying it, but like all these other things, it takes time. Time I could be blogging. But exercise is so much healthier than blogging. It's also healthier than eating chocolate cupcakes, which I swear I wasn't doing twenty minutes ago.
  • In regards to the cupcakes, I am making them for Cashman's 4th birthday.
  • And in regards to that......oh my gosh! Cashman is almost 4! Where has the time gone? Am I old yet? Cause I feel old.
  • In addition to the cupcakes (which are for school), we're having a sit down lasagna, spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and cake dinner for him on Saturday. With most of the extended family attending.
  • Which means I have to clean my house. Where can I pencil that in at?
  • Oh and I checked all these books out of the library that I just realized I don't even have time to read.
  • I'm catching up on back issues of Women's Health and let me tell you that magazine is just plain good stuff and will make you think twice and maybe even a third time about your lifestyle.
  • Also, our floors are going to be measured soon. To be replaced. Cause you don't even want to see the twenty year old linoleum on them right now.
  • Oh and want to know what I did all last Sunday? I cleaned a cooler. In fact, the very same cooler you see in the pictures below. It now graces my kitchen with it's lovely industrial profile and makes me very happy to have cold drinks all the time.

Sugarbaby is confused. She thought we lived in a house but now she's thinking its more like a convenience store.
The kids have their own shelf.

I have my own shelf.

And of course, the hubby had to have his own as well.

His dream came true. Cold beer. All the time.

Now if only a Starbucks would open up 50 feet from my house, I could say the same.


  1. Please don't let my husband see this cooler...I'll never hear the end of it! :)

  2. I feel ya on the driving! I wish I could get frequent flyer miles for all the miles I put on my car getting The Boy and The Girl places. I was at the school 5 times alone yesterday! Argh!

  3. your last pic looks like the bottom shelf of my fridge. i think my hubs needs his own cooler as well :)

  4. I'll take a "hot minute" over nothing, any day!

  5. I SEE those letters magnets on your fridge and they are NOT lined up correctly!!!!!

    Have I taught you nothing?!

  6. Carrie- I think you're safe. Although they could use one like this at the firestation. No?

    That One Mom- Brilliant idea! Now how do we put it into motion?

    Michele- I think most men would agree with you on that.

    Blase- would most men.

    Lindy- I almost cropped that out but then I thought about it and decided not to just to torture you. I could take a full on pic of the fridge and you would lose your everloving mind. But I'm nice and I like you, so I'll keep my out of control alphabet to myself.

  7. Well if you're bored with all that free time, I have a few projects --- YIKES woman, are you busy enough?!

    Happy Birthday to Cashman! Sounds like a perfect birthday-boy menu for the day. Good luck with all the cleaning and everything else you'll be doing too.

  8. I love it!!!

    By the way - cupcakes look awesome! Good luck with the cleaning in the morning.

  9. Oh I LOOOVE the cooler! So freaking cool!

    And question for ya: when do you walk? During the day? Where is Sugarbaby when you walk? Just wondering. I would love to walk everyday, but it wouldn't be much exercise walking the pace of a 3 year old, or dragging a wagon behind me. I've tried it, its not fun.


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