Friday, October 16, 2009

Caught Red Handed

It's interesting what the sound of your cell phone ringing from your purse can do to you.

In my case, the ringing was my husband's own special ringtone. And it was ringing while I was standing in the middle of a department store with a brand new pair of jeans in my hand. That ringing caused me to drop those jeans like a hot potato.

I really wanted those jeans. I need a pair of skinny jeans to go with my boots. Regular jeans just cannot be stuffed in there. I need the skinny jeans. NEED!

Then I remembered the husband and when he schooled me on the difference in needs and wants. He explained that in order to have something in life we must be frugal. So did I need the jeans? No. Did I want the jeans? Hell yeah!

It was a sign.

A sign that he would kill me when he saw said jeans and price tag on said jeans.

So I dropped the jeans and walked out of the store. Came home and yanked out my sewing machine. Determined to turn a pair of Old Navy jeans (that I'm not that fond of) into my own pair of skinny jeans that will work with my boots.

I'll let you know how that goes.

P.S. The hubby has requested that he now be referred to as Super Ultra Mega Stud in all future blog posts. I'm still contemplating that one.

Edited to add: OMG ya'll! I totally talked myself into going back to the store and buying these after all your encouraging and slightly devious comments. So I whip in the parking lot after taking Cashman to the doctor and I see this huge ONE DAY SALE banner. I ran in the store. Grabbed the jeans in my size and dashed to the register. I got those babies for $27. And I still probably, most likely won't divulge the dirty little secret to Super Ultra Mega Stud.


  1. There is a lesson to be learned in this post.

    *Turn off cell phone while shopping*

    Super Ultra Mega Stud?! Consider it done.

  2. You can do it! Also that hubby of yours...such modesty, lol. If I gave mine a choice I'm sure he'd pick a similar name.

  3. I got one of my pairs at JCP for $20.

    and ummm, you do NEED them.I mean, I definitely NEED mine? They are a staple in my winter wardrobe.

    But alas, I'm not beneath "fibbing" regarding retail. "OH they were on a great sale, %50 off marked price" or just destroying all evidence and paying with cash and leaving said items in the car until SO is gone. Shit, I learned it all from MY mom when she would buy us stuff when we were kids. And it really is better if you don't involve guys and your clothes. All they need to think about is how hot you look in it (now, the exception to this rule is expensive purses, they don't give a shit about Coach or Kate Spade.)

    Join the dark side, it's so much more fun---AND stylish.

  4. If your sewing trick works, seriously let me know! That would be a great way to non-skinny jeans into skinny ones!

    Oh, and maybe instead of referring to your hubby as Super Ultra Mega Stud, you could use the acronym instead: SUMS. Might be kind of catchy.... :-)

  5. Tell the super ultra mega stud that your hot sister told him to go get you those jeans because you're an awesome wife and you deserve a new pair of jeans once in awhile.

  6. Especially if they make your ass look hot because everyone needs a pair of jeans to make their ass look hot.

  7. LMAO @ hubby's suggestion for a new screen name.

    And don't you hate the difference between need and want? *sigh*

  8. Note to self: Don't get married, buy all the jeans I want...

    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Since they don't make "skinny" jeans in my size ;-( I dont quite get the need for them. But I do love the name your Hubby gave funny!

  10. you not only need them you deserve them. i hate when they call right in the middle of something you don't want them to know about. i always go with "i didn't mean to buy them" not a good answer but usually pretty honest...most of the time i don't mean to do it, i just can't resist. go buy yourself the new jeans...

  11. Oh!!! I was in there too earlier!!!! Bought Brody some shoes....and there was a great price on a top that I *needed*. ONE DAY SALE...will save that ass everytime...Now maybe If they just start having them more often...then we can explain our *frugal* motives. BAHAHAHA!

  12. Ha! I like That One Mom's comment!

    I'm so happy you got them! You DO deserve them!

  13. Hide them in the closet and wash them a couple of times! Then wear them on a night you and hubs are going to "relax" aka drink beer, with friends. when he asks where they came from...a gift from SG!!!

  14. Whoa, that was meant to be, or what! A perfect storm of husband-warning and friend-supporting to score a sale like that LOL. Congratulations!!


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