Saturday, September 26, 2009

Showing Off My Mad Photography Skillz

You spoke dear readers and I listened. You said dark and curly. So I went dark. Well...darker. I wasn't going for the Elvira look so I bought a box of Medium Ash Brown.

Here I am during the application process. This was also before the, duh you need to turn off your flash moment. I'd like to pretend that I was just being smart and using the flash to cover up the fact that I was standing there in my bra. You know, not wanting to show my goods to the Internet and all but I still had to crop out my cups that runneth over. Really, I just didn't think about it and now you have me with a big sparkly on my face. Look! I'm a Twilight vampire.

And here is the result. I gave it a good blow out and used the trusty old Chi on it just so I could see the color. The next day I did the tousled look and it looked just fine to me. No more 6 inch roots and surprisingly enough, it still has some highlights in it. Not sure how that happened. Either I'm an at home hair coloring genius or I didn't apply it very thoroughly.


  1. the bubble wrap calender is amazing, i need it

  2. Nice! I like the color. And I loved the sentence about the "cups that runneth over". =D

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for following me at {This Time Around}! Each and every reader means sooo much. It's not much fun to write if nobody's reading! =)

  3. Love it Miss Ashley! BTW, your sparkly vampire pic is hot, even with the cups runneth over-ing edited out. Your children will thank you later that mama's boobs aren't on the net for all to see. At least not on this site... what you do on other sites I don't know. I mean I should know this as your bloggy bff. You don't have any porn out there that would ruin my political career when I take over the world and you're thrust into the spotlight as my bloggy bff. And I mean technically, you would be like a hanger on, but not like Kato, more like E on entourage, so you would be cool. But if your homemade porn is discovered and I lose out on being the queen of the United States I will be pissed because I need a tiara. I'm just saying.

  4. It looks beautiful! So of course now I want a change too LOL look what you started.

    How do the kids like it?

  5. Thanks all!

    Susan- Do it!!!!! Complete with pics and everything!

    Michelle- As your Bloggy BFF I feel that I should tell you that if you google my first name and maiden name you will find porn. Lots and lots of porn. Evidently Ashley {insert maiden name here} is a brunette porn star with very large natural attributes. Go figure, what a coincidence huh? I swear its not me. And that promise is sincere because when you become queen of not only the US but the Universe I want to be your left hand gal. Not right hand cause I do realize you have an IRL BFF so I'll just sit over on the left and manage the manservants. K? Good. Now that we've got that settled.

  6. Ummmmmm yeah... "coincidence"... "it's not me" suuuuuuure Ash. Uh huh! At least I know now and can have my people clean up your reputation for the campaign for queen of the universe. {I like that!!}

    Porn star or not, your hair is still hot!

  7. awww ash I love it. Sorry I wasnt around to do it for you but you did a great job. I cant wait to get to see you and give you a big hug. I miss you!

  8. Hey, I left an award for you on my blog!

  9. It looks awesome!

    I wish I had the courage to go brown. I think I would like it but then the up-keep is what scares me.


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