Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Style

I'm a simple girl.
I like classic things.
I don't do trendy.
I do crisp white tailored button up shirts.
I do great fitting jeans.
I do fitted tees and yoga pants.
I used to rock Doc Martens and flannel shirts. Good lord please take me back to the 90's.
I usually do flat ironed, non-colored hair.
With big silver hoop earrings or elegant understated pearl studs.
I don't have a big flashy engagement ring. Instead its a simple band with baguette diamonds running along the front.
But I love fall. And I love fall style.
I love sweaters and pea coats. I love boots and scarves. I love jeans. Have I mentioned that I love jeans?
I just got these boots today as an early birthday present.

And I plan on getting this coat when my actual birthday rolls around.

Imagine these two items paired with some skinny jeans. Cute, no? I'm thinking I'll look like I could just saddle up and take a jaunty ride through the English countryside. Which would in all actuality be impossible where I live. Since ya know....Arkansas and all. But that is beside the point. My style is classic and a bit equestrian. I grew up on a horse farm. That kind of stuff doesn't wear off.

So I know what I want to wear, but here is my real problem. The hair. My hair. It is in a funk. It has no idea what it wants to be when it grows up. Does it want to be curly and thick, tousled and bedheaded every day? Cause it can do that. Believe you me. It is talented in the tousled and half curly half straight department. Does it want to be flat ironed everyday into sleek shiny sheets that can be flipped over the shoulder with the flick or a wrist? Does it want to be blonde? Does it want to be brunette? Does it want to be Neapolitan? Chocolate and vanilla in one? Does it want side swept bangs? Does it want blunt cut bangs? Does it want to remain bangless? IT DOESN'T KNOW!!!! I don't know. I need help, readers. HELP!

Perhaps a few pictures might help?

I have the straight, all one length picture. Windblown at that. Ignore the husband.

Oh and here I have bangs. I loved my bangs. Nevermind the skanky room. It was the office in a house we rented about 3 years ago before we became "adults" and bought a real house. Not sure why I am explaining the condition of this room to you except I don't want you to think we live in a house with patched walls and flannel blankets for window treatments. And I don't usually scowl like that. See what happens when I try to look sexy? I scowl. Not sexy. At all.

And here in this tiny picture is my tousled look. My hair has a natural wave that can be significantly enchanced with styling products and actually looks okay.

I searched and searched for "the brunette" picture but it can't be found. My mom hates me with dark hair. I love me with dark hair. I have really pale skin and green eyes and when I'm blonde it just all blends together. When I am brunette, my eyes pop. My skin looks paler, ghostlike, think Bella in Twilight pale, but the eyes...oh the eyes. My best feature by far.

So tell me dear readers. What do I do?


  1. I love your blog. I just sumbled on it and so glad that i did. Your writing cracks me up and I can't wait to read more. As for the hair...I rock the curls on the daily and love it...kinda makes me feel young again.....34 can be rough!!

  2. I love the riding boots! I actually bought a pair last fall that are......believe it or not The pea coat is cute too.

  3. Oh and about the hair......I'm going to bet you already know what you really want, but I always love to go darker in the fall. As far as straight or curly.....I say change it with your mood. Some days you will feel like straight hair, and others you may feel messy.

  4. i vote for the first pic. very cute.

  5. Ok, A). Those boots are beautiful!!

    B). About the hair, why don't you try longish side swept bangs? And if you like dark, why not try a shade or two darker thatn yours but not full blown brunette, and put some lighter highlights in it to accent your fair skin? Just a suggestion... I go through the same deliberation process all the time!

    Good luck!

  6. I love the "ignore the husband" part. :)

    My hair is the same way - it can go straight or it can go curly with product but it's always just blah.

    I like the tousled look.

  7. I like how dark your hair looks (is?) in the black and whites you have w/ tiny sugarbaby. I like the last curly picture, too. No bangs. They look dated IMO.

    And THOSE are the boots. It all makes sense now....

    I am so ready for the fall too, but as I am quickly becoming a giant fat person again, I want to wear stretch pants and uggs, stretch pants and rain boots, and stretch pants and flats.

  8. You've got GREAT hair whatever you're doing with it, lucky you! I like dark hair too, for the same reason--when I've dyed mine darker, everyone compliments my eyes. Then when the lighter natural colour grows out, it's back to blah and the blue eyes being just ordinary.

    Hurray for fall! and for early birthday presents LOL

  9. Ok, number 1, we are twins. Everything you described about your style is me! I always considered my style of dressing 'non stylish' and 'non trendy'. I just always said I have no specific style...but classic sounds better. But I didnt grow up on a farm, thats the only difference between you and me. You lucky girl.

    And the hair; I love your hair in the last picture. I have always thought girls with naturally girly hair look best with their hair in it's natural state-but i have yet to meet a naturally curly haired girl who agrees with that. I think that's whats so great about having hair like that. If you dont feel like styling the crap out of it, you have those beeeautiful curls that probably dont need much work (or maybe they do? I guess I dont really know).

    I also really like the color in your last picture. It looks brown with tiny golden highlights. Very natural looking.

  10. As your self-appointed bloggy bff, I would like to have my vote count for 3.4 votes. If I could get my unweildly curls to look like yours I would embrace the curly, unfortunately mine turn out like ringlets underneath and straightish on top. It's not a hawt combo my friend.

    So for 3.4 votes... CURLY with dark brown, but more toward dark golden brown and not toward black brown. So it's still a warm tone.

    That is my professional opinion as the granddaughter of a beauty school dropout.

  11. Love the curls! (and that green pea coat!)

  12. My hair is just like yours and I just chopped it all off into an angled bob, the front is just a little longer than my chin. It's super easy and goes curly/wavy or straight.

    I heart your blog.

  13. LOVE those boots and the green coat rocks. You definitely need to go brunette for it, though. Can I get a link to the boots? I want to copy you, but promise not to wear them on the same day you do. ;)


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