Friday, August 21, 2009

Trouble Always Finds You

This year we switched school districts. Many things ultimately went into our decision and we feel that it was a very good thing to make the change despite the nearly 60 miles per day I will be driving as I ferry the boys to and from school. And really I don't mind the driving cause I'm a trucker. I learned to walk in a motor home or so the story goes.

So when school ended on the first day I naturally grilled the boys on what went on, what they had for lunch, did they make any friends. You can imagine my surprise when the Monster lets it slip that a boy that was in his Kindergarten class in the other school district is in his new class in the new district. You heard me right. Not just his grade, but his exact classroom. This was troubling to say the least because the child in question was one that was not very nice to the Monster last year and stayed in or around the Principal's office most of the time. I pondered the situation the rest of the evening and wondered what to do. I didn't want to put up too much of a fuss it only being the second day of school. I decided to mention the circumstances to his teacher and to ask her to keep me updated to any goings on between the two that might be cause for concern.

So the next morning I spoke with her. She was very understanding and even thanked me for the heads up. I felt better immediately. I also did my own coaching with the Monster as to what to do and say should this child try to be friends with him one minute, then pull his inappropriate nonsense the next. I figured all I can do is arm him with the tools to deal with people like this, even if they are only 7 years old.

It's just proof positive that you can't run from your problems. I thought this new year at a new school would give the Monster some reprieve from the troubles last year and maybe give him a chance to make a different type of friend. Trouble seems to be following him though and all I can do is hope and pray that he chooses the correct path in life. Tall orders for a boy just turned 6.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't envy you--I think about real school and what can happen all the time!!
    Praying is a good thing!!

  2. as i told you on the phone, i think it is great that you arent bailing him out per-say, but "giving him the tools to deal with these kind of people" because


    you dont want to shelter kids from everything or fight their battles for them (like my mom did).

    you rock, again, as usual! :-)

    and i hope the monster uses those tools, because he dosnt need anybody to drag him down, that kid is going to go places!

  3. I agree with Miss D. Even if the other kid wasn't in his classmate, there will be other troublemakers in his path. Point is giving him strength to deal with whatever and whomever tries to stir up problems- because you can't get rid of them all.

  4. My poor monster :( That really sucks.Im the only one that can pick on him.

  5. Oh dang. Good luck! I'm hoping that being in a whole new setting will mean they can both make a new start of things (especially with the teacher keeping an eye on it). But wouldn't you know it.
    We're talking about changing schools too---or well, *I'm* talking about it. Himself isn't exactly a hands-on type of guy when it comes to marriage, parenting, or life in general.

    Anyhow, I hope both your kids are liking school and that the year's off to a good start, otherwise.


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