Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There Is Bacon In There Ya'll

Were any of you aware that such a thing as Pork & Bacon Sausage Links existed? If this is any indication of my recent food choices, you know I've fallen off the wagon in a bad way. It started with birthday cakes and moved on to breakfast pork.

The way I go about losing weight is to count calories. I tally them up online and mostly I can eat whatever I want as long as I don't go over that daily calorie limit. Starting next week when the boys are back in school, Sugarbaby and I will be strolling daily at the local park. I'm hoping to counteract the last few days of bad bad bad food choices. The only positive thing I can say about the Pork & Bacon concoction above? At least its MSG free, which according to this is what is making us all fat and there is not much we can do to avoid it.

Now I'm not complaining about weight in this post. I've made great strides and lost plenty of pounds. I'm just taking responsibility and accounting for the fact that the past week or so I've made little to no effort to eat right. I just had to share that with ya'll.

On a more positive note, school starts in 7 days!
I am beside myself with anticipation and being quite annoying to all the kids I encounter. At first I just casually mention how many days until school starts and then move on to taunting and teasing and dancing a jig around them. I just can't help myself. It's the best thing that has happened all summer.
And speaking of summer, I am going to miss nights like last night. Around 7pm I hopped on the lawn tractor (when the John Deere is twenty years old and roars when you start it, it is a tractor, not a mower), donned my headphones and mowed and jammed for about an hour. So relaxing. While mowing, I noticed that the pear tree was literally breaking under the weight of all the fruit on its limbs. The boys and I grabbed a bushel basket and set about saving the tree from itself. We have lots to learn when it comes to the mini-orchard. These particular pears look a bit diseased, mottled and brown all over. We some progress and after that I got out the weedwhacker and took care of the grass under all the fruit trees. Sometimes country life isn't so bad.


  1. pork and bacon sausage links? Sounds a little redundant. they might as well call it pig parts. but i heart pig parts

    and ashley!

  2. Real picked off the tree (& not further cosmetically altered) fruit never looks like the poisoned and waxed store-bought fruit. Maybe it is not as bad off as you think? Oh, have I mentioned that I love pears? ;-)

  3. Sounds like a summer day well spent! And I'd say with all that mowing and picking and whacking, surely you burned off that bacon and birthday cake?

    Yes you did.



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