Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey Look It's Not Another BlogHer Post!

BlogHer09 is all over the internetz. And why shouldn't it be. I'm dying to go. Someday. I mean what sounds cooler than 1500+ female bloggers thrown together for a giant conference filled with parties, swag, and booze? Nothing I tell ya. Nothing.

But I'm not there. Instead I'm sitting on my couch, eating a Fudgepop (it's low fat Mother!), wishing I was in Chicago.

Nevermind my whining though. There are no less than forty-eleven million posts about women wishing they were at BlogHer this year. I'll try not to add to that.

You might have noticed posting has been a little light. Yeah, about that... I think my blog is depressed. I think my blog needs a Xanax. Or a counseling session. Honestly its just not doing it for me. I can't think of anything to write about. I could tell you all about my days but I don't even find my life very interesting so why should you? I could do picture posts day after day, but my camera is broke. It needs to visit Bedford's but Bedford's isn't open on Sundays which is the only day I happen to ever be near a Bedford's. A broken DSLR is a sad sad thing. It just sits there in its camera case mocking me. STOP MOCKING ME NIKON!

So for lack of anything else to share let's go through a few milestones that have been reached in the SugarBritches household.
  • Sugarbaby no longer needs a bottle. She gets put to bed with a sippy cup of water every night and has no problems. Score one for mommy. I'm pretty much on the winning side of things with this kid.
  • I already mentioned that Cashman puts his pants on before exiting the bathroom, but now he's added wiping his own butt to the routine. Yay for a clean booty!
  • I've had no less than 8 people tell me I've lost weight and man that feels good. It feels so good I've become even more hardcore about the eating. I've resorted to an almost all liquid diet. Coffee, water, Diet Coke, wine, beer, and Slim Fast. I do still eat, people. Don't get all freaked out, I just told food we need to take a break for a while. See other people. Work on ourselves before we continue our relationship. Mainly food needs to be nicer to me and I need to not be so dependent on it. I'll tell you how that goes when I start speaking to food again.
  • The Monster is almost done with his summer vacations stays with his Dad. And his birthday is only a few weeks away. And I managed to convince him to forgo an actual birthday party this year. Instead of 20 screaming 6 year olds we'll have an entire birthday day. Picnic at the river, bowling and dinner in the evening. Presents all day!

Okay. That's all I've got. Leave me a comment. Tell me I look skinny. Counsel my blog on its depression problem. Throw me a bone folks. Just make sure it doesn't have any meat left on it.


  1. Hey! Just stopping by from SITS. I saw you mentioned Befords...where do you live?? We have Bedfords where I live...just curious!

    Your blog is too funny!

  2. Look at you! You're stick-thin! How did you DO it?

    In all seriousness, congratulations--I'm trying to kick food to the curb too. People say that fasting isn't healthy, but hey, neither is being overweight. Staying hydrated is important and if you're feeling ok, it's all good.

    Congratulations to the kids on all their milestones, and congratulations to you too for helping them happen! and, WHEN DOES SCHOOL START AGAIN???

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  4. I see your Weeds logo on your sidebar! Yay! We are watching the whole dang thing from season 1 forward. We are up to season three and LOVING it!!!
    (I highly recommend Six Feet Under if you have never watched that~very very favorite!)

    Thanks so much for all the comment love on my SITS day! That was great;)

    And nope...I'm not going to blogher either. Poor us:( At least you are looking skinney!!!

  5. I love your blog! And congratulations on losing weight. My husband caught me sneaking into the bedroom last night with a box of twinkies and a tub of icing (I wanted cake and we didn't have any) Sooooo much for not gaining too much during pregnancy. I'd cheer you up, but I am feeling blue myself. It's that end of summer, everything sucks funk that I get into every year at this time. Hope you get to feeling better, and don't stop blogging!

  6. I feel the same way about writing, my blog has been a little light lately! I'm not at Blogher either...

  7. stop turning sideways, I can't see you!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest


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