Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer in the South

Summer is well underway, even if the official start day hasn't yet arrived. We've been busy. T-ball games every week, playdates every other day, and lawn care. Our house sits on two acres. Two acres of grass. Grass that has to be mowed. A lot.

It has been so warm already. I set a kiddie pool up out back and that has kept Cash occupied the majority of the days. Since the Monster won't be home until Sunday, keeping Cashman busy is quite a chore. We'll have some help with that today, as Cashman's bestest bud is coming over to play for a few hours. I'm thinking we'll paint a little, splash a little, eat some leftover strawberry shortcake and take it easy.

That shortcake was leftover from our small get together we held last night. And by small I mean just us and our friends J&J and their two kids. It did give the hubby an excuse to start a massive bonfire out of the brush pile that had been growing all winter. We grilled burgers, had some drinks, watched the kids chase fireflies. Nothing more than a nice southern night shared with friends.

We're also gearing up for vacation. That's right. We are taking our first ever family summer vacation. Don't worry though, I have a fabulous guest mom lined up to blog for me while I'm gone. I think you will be very pleased, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag. I'll introduce her before I leave.

On a side note, Baby Trip is still in the hospital. He's improving in small steps. He still needs your prayers and love.

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