Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Words

Before today I had never been to the Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Before today I had no clue that they kept the NICU so dimly lit.

Before today I had never seen a baby with wires snaking all over him and a feeding tube running out his mouth.

Before today I had never scrubbed up and donned a clean linen gown just to see a baby.

Before today I had never seen pain so clearly on the faces of parents at their children's bedsides.

But today I saw all this as I delivered my sister to Little Rock to be with her son, Trip.

Trip was transferred from our small hamlet's medical center to the cutting edge and amazing facilities of AR Children's Hospital a few hours after birth. He is not a preemie and at this time we don't know much about his condition other than it is a result of trauma from complications during his delivery.

He is so adorable and has the prettiest blue eyes. My little sister is now a mommy. My heart goes out to her and Trip's father at what must be an unbearably painful situation. I can't even imagine and I won't try to pretend I can.

Please pray for Baby Trip and his family.

Welcome to the world Trip. We love you.


  1. children's is great i know i said earlier it is probably where he needs to be, i would like to re-phrase that. with his mommy is where he needs to be, but since he can't be and needs help children's is the best place for that. i think i may have sounded insensitive earlier. prayers and much love for you, baby trip and the new mommy.

  2. Ashley,

    Your sweet nephew will be in my prayers, as well as the rest of your family. Trip is in excellent care at ACH -- they are very good at what they do - taking care of families & saving children's lives.

    Keep us posted as you are able.

  3. That's what we went through with our son; he's fine now, but in the middle of a textbook-perfect delivery he suddenly got both shoulders stuck, with the cord around his neck; when he was born he wasn't breathing, moving, or responding in any way.

    Time is weird in the NICU, very weird. And you don't know what's ahead--a perfectly healthy baby, total disability, or worse.

    Lots of love and thoughts and prayers for Trip from here! I hope he fights back and flies through as well as our son did.

  4. oh wow, praying for sweet baby Trip, your sister, and your whole family. Keep us posted!

  5. Aw, I will keep your nephew in my prayers. Following from Cafemom blog club.

  6. Saying a prayer for sweet baby Trip and his mommy and daddy. Sounds like he is in excellent hands though between the hospital and his loving family. :)

  7. He is our little fighter just like his mommy. I know that god has control of this situation and everything happens for a reason. He is on my mind day and night. I cant wait to see him and love on him

  8. Thanks to all! Your words and prayers mean so much and I will be passing them on to my sister and her darling son.

  9. Oh my! That must be tremendously hard on them. I will definitely pray for them!

  10. What a test of faith for everyone. To be so tiny and too start life with such challenges...

    I pray that the Creator continue to knit together those things not (yet) functioning properly. I pray for super natural Peace for those looking at the natural world... especially mommy and daddy.

  11. i saw your comment on SITS this morning and wanted to stop by and let you know your family is in my thoughts and prayers!


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