Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Another Sunday

In our house, holidays aren't a big deal. My husband chooses to ignore things like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, his birthday, and Halloween. He gives in for Christmas but only because he doesn't want to be visited by the three spirits that scared the trousers off ol' Scrooge. He says he doesn't buy into the commercialism but I think he's just cheap.

Most of the time I still try and acknowledge special days in some way. I used to go all out with extravagant gifts that took all the extra money I had. After a few years of his lackluster attitude regarding celebrations, I scaled it back and would get him something small or cook a nicer than usual dinner, or heck at least get the guy a card. But eventually, his never getting me gifts and acting like every holiday is just another day has worn off on me. I've given up. The only reason I make any effort at all is for the kids. And sometimes I even forget to do it for them.

But today...well I just couldn't let it pass without saying something.

"My husband is amazing."

He is utterly without fail the best father I have ever seen. His patience and gratitude towards our children never ceases. His absolute adoration of them and every little thing they do inspires me daily to be a better nicer parent. He has the ability to take them from crying to laughing in two seconds flat. Never mind that when he bathes them all the water ends up on the floor. I mean at least he's doing it and not me! I don't mind that he doesn't clean up after one of his culinary creations because who else in their life is going to make them pancakes with fresh blueberry syrup and whipped cream? So what if he keeps them up past their bedtime. Hearing him read stories in silly voices makes up for it.

I could wax poetic for hours on the many ways my husband is an amazing dad. It would go on and on and never...never come close to explaining how wonderful he is.

Happy Father's Day baby. We love you more than words and that's a good thing cause that's all you're getting this year!

*So I'm not a total non-celebrator. I'm about to whip up Egg's Benedict cause nothing says I love you like a 1000 calorie breakfast!



  2. awww! yall are great! I wish someone would cook me eggs benedict sometime...hint, hint (I'll understand if this wish dosnt become reality, as I did not give you three beautiful children)

  3. Oh Lord, me too--just doing it for the kids. Mine isn't cheap (well he is, but that's not the big reason) he's LAZY. Oh well, I picked him LOL I'm stuck with him.

    Happy Father's Day to your kids' super Daddy! And I'm so glad you're back again.

  4. Jodi- I know right!

    Helen- Thanks! He deserves it.

    Miss D- Thanks girl! You might get lucky you never know. But first you have to bathe my kids and read the stories.

    Susan- I'm glad to be back and I always love the sweet words!


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