Friday, June 12, 2009

In The Meantime

The time has come dear readers. The SugarBritches family is going on a much needed, much anticipated, much couldn't come any sooner or mommy was gonna yank all her hair out vacation. So for the next few days I won't be posting. But never fear, I have a fabulous guest mom lined up to keep ya'll highly entertained.

Meet Corrie.
Corrie is the very definition of cool.
Corrie is an Aquarius (which endears me to her even more).
Corrie makes things.
Like this gorgeous sling.
And cakes.
And cupcakes.
All very pretty and yummy.
Except the slings.
They are just pretty and functional.
Not yummy.

Corrie has two offspring.

And Emma.

And they are both gorgeous.

To add to Corrie's coolness, she lives on the East coast and her husband works in Times Square. In New York City. Seriously.

So aren't we a lucky little Southern blog to have creative, talented, hilarious, mamalicious Corrie guest post for us?

Why yes. Yes we are.

*While I won't be posting, I will still be around moderating comments and checking in. Let's show my guest mom some comment luv while she's here. Cause I said so!


  1. Cory sounds like one of the cool kids. I never liked the cool kids. I was way too envious. Shes way too cool for me, hahaha

  2. Welcome, Cory! I'm looking forward to your posts! And you, SugarBritches -- have a wonderful vaca!

  3. have a great, fun, stress free, vacay!!!!

  4. I love Corrie!

    And not just because I really know her, and btw- her kids are super cuter in person!!!


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