Monday, May 18, 2009

What's A Little More Rain

The rain finally came to an end. Just in time for me to halt the ark plans laid out in our garage. I was still auditioning animals for the two by two part of it. Good thing I never made it to the lions. I hear they're kind of cranky.

Since the skies cleared and the ground became a bit firmer, we all ventured out to enjoy some fresh air. The cabin fever had taken over in case you couldn't tell from my ark fantasy. I worked in the yard a bit, Sugarbaby bounced in her jumper with all her might, and the boys...well the boys evidently thought we hadn't had enough H2O in our lives lately and went hose happy.

See for yourself and have a happy Monday!


  1. awwww boys and garden hoses, something that never gets old. glad the sun finally came out for you guys, yesterday was our 1st nice day in weeks. love cash's shirt!!!!!!

  2. HAHA OF COURSE THEY DID! love you boys!

  3. Suz- I know! It's one of my favs too!

    Jodi- And they love their Auntie too!

  4. Cute boys love the blog ki$$ed it for you.


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