Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking Down the Barrel of Summer Vacation

Right now I am sitting at my desk. Savoring the semi-quiet of this morning. Sugarbaby is down for her first nap. Cash is playing independently in his room and by playing independently I mean he is making a huge mess that will no doubt make my head explode later. The Monster is at school. The very last day of school. And that's what has me sitting here, quietly writing to you. Because truthfully? I'm terrified of summer vacation.

The Monster is well, a bit demanding. He won't allow me to blog for very long, he won't allow me to sit for very long, he won't even allow me thirty minutes to prepare a meal without berating me with questions followed by more questions, followed by obscure stories from his outings with his dad and most of the time, I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT! The kid talks just to hear himself make noise. I am sure of it. And he knows what he's doing. He's well aware that the more he talks the more confused and agitated I become. And once he's distracted me from what I was doing then he's happy to just wander off and pester his brother. Leaving me standing there bewildered trying to remember what I was doing or thinking about only to throw my hands up in the air and wish I had a Valium.

He's a curious kid and very intelligent and he has the personality of an only child perhaps because he is the child of an only child. But unlike an only child he has siblings to play with, but he doesn't so much want to play as to pick at them until they cry and then look at me with this innocent expression. The child takes me for a fool, and momma ain't no fool nor did she raise one. It's a compulsion of his to bait his brother into doing something and then blame it entirely on Cash. It's happened so many times I can see through it the instant he comes a tattling. But oh boy is it ever tiring, even when you know what happened and the discipline is easy to dish out. Because you know it's going to happen eighty-nine thousand more times today and every day there after.

A parenting expert would tell me that a plan is necessary. A summer schedule, although that is the last thing I want to do after our first year of school is follow a schedule all summer. I'm just going to pray that the weeks go by quickly until his first two week vacation to his dad's house. I'll have a nice little break with just SB and Cash, where no one talks to much and they both take big long naps.


  1. I hope you enjoy your 'last day'! I've got a hard-to-manage kid too; a good kid who's just, well, high-maintenance. It's exhausting.

    Good luck! Enjoy those naps!

  2. I think this is common for parent's of school age children. I'm not there yet, but I've seen moms skipping down the aisles picking out back-to-school supplies in Aug! LOL

  3. Susan- Yes exactly! A good kid who's just high maintenance.

    Anna-I know. It's sad that I am already counting down the days.

  4. I love the name Cash! So cute!

  5. haha add my two into the mix and what a summer it will be. I see many days of setting in your back yard watching the kids run and jump in the pool while we shake our heads and ask if some one has a happy pill lol. It will require lots of bottles of wine and major support from one another lol. Im here for you.


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