Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Look Alike Marriage

A few years ago, before the Hubby and I were married, a co-worker made a comment that irked me. She asked, after seeing the Hubby drop me off at work, if he was my brother. She thought we looked so much alike we must be siblings. She even went on to remark that it would be very strange if we ever had children, she'd have no clue who they would resemble as their parents were practically twins.

It reminded me of the old joke that dogs and their owners eventually started to look alike. But then I realized that the twinsies syndrome was evident in a few married couples I knew. To save face I won't name names, but I can think of at least 6 couples that resemble each other more than any non-blood related relatives should. Is this a normal occurrence? I asked my husband and he found it odd as well, but he also saw the similarities in those couple friends I used as examples.

I thought I came across the answer in my college psychiatry book. Some chapter on some mumbo jumbo psycho babble something or other suggested that we find facial features that resemble our own to be pleasing. That we want to pair with someone who looks like us to produce the best possible looking offspring. That is if we are vain and think ourselves are gorgeous specimens and we deserve nothing less.

I want to know your take on this. Is my opinion putting me in the minority? Do you think you and your significant other could be mistaken for siblings? Do me and the Hubby really look that much alike?


  1. I've heard that before too, with the reason being that if you meet someone similar-looking to yourself, you're more comfortable with them right off; they look and feel like 'family' right from the beginning.

    Yes, you DO look alike! My favourite family photos are the ones I've taken of my husband and kids, and you can just TELL they're family, from their expressions or looks--I think it's a great thing.

  2. you are both adorable!! you look similar but not creepy same.

  3. you look alike in the fact that you both have lighter features.
    that's about it to me.

    The Mr. & i don't look alike. he's dark hair/eyes. i'm not. he's tall and super super slender. (read: stick). i'm not.

    so i don't really think of that psychology as being true for us.

  4. There's a saying that people like the way they look, so they choose mates that look like them. I have to say this is true to some point for me to as Lee looks like my Dad.

    But don't worry about the comment - you and your hubby are cuties who made a really cute baby!! :)

  5. Susan- Makes sense to me! You said it better than the book.

    Suz- Thanks, I think.

    mpotter- Right. Because I've always heard opposites attract so I was kind of confused by what I read. It's all relative I suppose.

    QueenoftheClick- Thanks! We try and make them as purty as we can.


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