Thursday, May 14, 2009

Batter Batter Batter Batter Swwwiiing!

Yesterday marked the first t-ball practice of the season. Cash was absolutely thrilled. He couldn't have had more fun had Santa rode in on the Easter Bunny with a fleet of G.I. Joe's and Transformers bringing up the rear. But now, I'm officially THAT MOM. Yay.
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  1. oh my god could he be cuter? i will be THAT MOM too in 2 weeks, can't freaking wait. congrats on the new phase of mommyhood

  2. awwww... that is too sweet for words. Play hard, Cashman!

  3. Hey we are those moms together. Look at our boys all grown up. Next stop dance lessons for the girls. LET THE FUN BEGIN

  4. Suz- Bent is gonna rock the t-ball league. Take lots of pics!

    Expressor- thanks!

    Lookmom- Dance lessons! They can't even walk woman!

  5. How adorable!

    At least he picked up the bat - my daughter didn't even want to stand up.

  6. umm give sugarbaby a few more weeks lol. loulou is just going to roll everywhere lol

  7. Lindy- Oh yeah, he's all for anything he can use as a weapon!

    Jodi- She'll be real good at doing the worm!


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