Monday, April 27, 2009

Picking Favorites

There's been a shift occurring in my home. Not as dramatic as an earthquake but faster than erosion. Somewhere along the lines of sand dunes changing imperceptibly on a day to day basis.
My daughter. My darling sweet Sugarbaby. My doppelganger. The one who wouldn't let me put her down. The one who slept on my chest for hours. The one who cried when she was handed to anyone else to be held. She has a new favorite.
I was told to expect this. Daddy's little girls are inevitable. Still, it doesn't make it hurt any less. Although honestly, I'm not hurt, just a bit jealous. Who carried her 9 months? Who attended her every need for the past year? Who dreamed about her for five years before she even existed?

But I'll have to commend the girl, as far as daddies go, she got herself a winner. And in return, he's fallen hard for her as well. She's the first one he greets in the mornings and evenings. He doesn't mind diaper duty or a scrub in the tub. I can envision tea parties and play kitchens in his future and it makes me grin.

So go on and play favorites Sugarbaby. It's okay with me. The man you chose as your favorite just so happens to be my favorite too. And I don't mind sharing.


  1. SO, sweet! It gets worse when she starts talking. Most days, I'm the meanest mommy ever and she's sure daddy would never maker her do or endure as awful things as I conjure up for her. The other day she asked one of those bizarre 3 year old questions and I told her I didn't know. She said we should ask dad "Because he's a better knower than you are."

  2. awwww there really is something about daddy to a little girl. i know for basic survival i am hadlie's go to gal but for anything fun it is daddy. he even told me yesterday that she loved him more, bent is a mommy's boy and hadlie is a daddy's girl so we better stop having kids or the dog will have to care for the next one

  3. A PERFECT post and wonderful photos! I love it!

    My youngest is two and loves Daddy, but until today she always needed ME for anything that made her cry (bumps, poops, falls, whatever). Today he picked her up when she fell and when I reached for her (as usual) she turned away and hugged Daddy instead. I was in shock... am I hurt, or relieved, not sure...LOL

  4. dang kids and their dang daddy lovin'! lol..really it's so cute (as are the pics AND her BEAUTIFUL EYES!)...sometimes it's i need mah dah-dee sometimes it's i need mah momma....just depends whos layin' the smack down that kid...sort of...

  5. It kind of hurt my feelings too the first time it happened, but I got over it and enjoyed my new found freedom, and my back was thankful for the break too!! Don't worry mamma, she'll be back!

  6. thats why i would have loved to have had a girl as well as a boy... i would love to experience that.

  7. Aww! That's the sweetest! My daughter goes though phases where she can't be without her daddy, but then other times where she can't stand to be in the same room with him. My husband says she's exerting her independence, but I say she's skitzophrantic.

  8. awww, i need to stop reading your blogs. They're chokin me up! But what doesn't these days, ya know?

    Little baby girls are so powerful, they make their big, strong, grown up Daddies turn into helpless piles of baby lovin' mush.I swear my lil punkin head has this one look DOWN to art that she gives her dad, that makes him give her whatever she wants. It's quite amazing.


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