Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello Lover!

I want rubber rain boots. I want funky rubber rainboots. I want these fuschia rain boots with pears on them. Why do I need rainboots? I'm not exactly sure. Something to do with mud and gardening and fire ants.

I've talked myself out of buying them (but they're only $20) for the time being. I figured that things like milk and electricity were more important than hot new pink rainboots.

But still....I swoon.

Funky Rubber Rainboots can be had here. And in case you want to buy SugarBritches love I wear a size 9. In boots of course. In heels it's a 8 cause who wants to have clown feet?

Extra credit for spotting the Carrie Bradshaw reference, although these boots aren't exactly Minolos.


  1. These are so cute! Now I want them. Does that count as a pregnancy craving?

  2. I have pink ones with little pirate skulls on them. No, I have no idea why. I just do.

    And guess what? I have NOT forgotten your interview questions! I will have them to you later today (ish).

    Really. Lovah!

  3. ohhh honey....I'm gonna get me sommmmme of THOSE!!!! ;-)

    and KUTOS to you for putting your foot size out there. (I'm the same size(s) but all those chicks with the size 6 make me sick--always have THEIR SIZE SHOES) you know thats why they're always toppling over! NO feet to hold them up! ha haa

  4. well I can't spot the sex in the city ref...the boots are h.o.t.

  5. HELLO LOVAH!!!!

    I too want to take a lover. A coach bag pretty please to fit in with the snobby mommies!!!

    And I was just discussing rain boots yesterday---its a mess up here!

  6. due to the stupid effing ice storm, i bought some impractical boots that chase has forbidden me from wearing in public...i still do though. they are super cute you should order them and feel guilty later!!


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