Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Need Help

The defining moment in realizing things have just gone too far is when, you are sitting on the edge of your bed with a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips and a glass of milk at 10:30 at night. You're eating these because there is nothing else sweet in the house so you decided raiding the baking cabinet was your only option. Your postpartum gut stares you in the face, accusingly pointing out that smudge of chocolate on your thumb.

Walking into the horrifically lit bathroom you shamefully face the mirror. It doesn't lie. It's mean, but it doesn't lie. You think horrible thoughts looking into it's depths, although you do have to admit there is one bright spot in the reflection. You've got some damn good hair.

On a side note. Suzanne Wong (House Hunters) and Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) should make a baby. If they did, that child would grow up to be the most pleasant voiced person on the face of the earth.


  1. *sigh*
    Can I have your hair?

    I've had too many nights like that... sucking the last of the chocolate sauce out of the bottle, that sort of thing. I've lost twenty pounds this year, but I still have about twenty to go before I'm back into my favourite old clothes.

    Which are now (egads) ten years old. And yes, I still keep them, either in hopes of the triumph of putting them on again, or as a comforting proof that yes, once, I was THAT slender and fit.

    Suddenly... I need chocolate.

  2. Well, there's the silver lining.

    I will never (really) know about postpartem blues but then again you will never have to deal with going bald and growing hair on you back and shoulders! ;)

    I hope that makes you feel just a little better.

  3. I felt the same way just a short while ago while eating a 2 cheeseburger meal from MAC donalds-- only i STILL cant think of anything good about my current looks--from the broken out face to the chewed up cuticles---damn i have let myself go

    your hair is beautiful--and so is your family

    ahhh jealousy

  4. uhhhh been there. i have finally lost my baby weight, but currently the 2 deepest forehead wrinkles, and saggy boobs stare me down everytime i look in the mirror. botox, and boob job here i come!!! at least you have good hair right? you'll lose it, i promise the holidays are no time to try though


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